B I J O U X   &   F A N T A I S I E

"Hé Madameke" is a costume jewelry brand created in Brussels in 2011.

Degreed in fashion design and illustration, I started creating jewels "just for fun", for me and friends. After few time, I was selling out every 1st Sunday of the month at Vintage Brussels Market and distributed in several shops in Belgium as The Public Image, ISELP, Le Supermarché de ta Mère, Pop Up, La Curieuse, Les MidinettesMelting PopBelge Une FoisH.Y.P. StoreEffet Mérité, ...

My inspiration comes from my fascination for nature and vintage imagery : botanical plates, wildlife engravings, entomology, cabinets of curiosities, retro children illustration books. I'm also influenced by tribal/ethnic art and dark rock music.

I select patiently and painstakingly each piece to create a coherent universe, with one of a kind vintage components as well as modern pieces. These are stitched together with care or customised and enhanced by hand.

Some jewels are unique, some are made in very limited editions.

I try to constantly evolving and growing my products to keep it fresh and exciting to you.